Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Car

Announcement: we have once again entered the whimsical world of the used car market. If any of you have purchased a car recently you know exactly what I mean. In order to have success you have to have a million different factors line up just right (timing, make, model, mileage, price, even color). Then comes the gamble. Do you purchase it and risk getting a total lemon, or do you take your time search out other options only to have the good one get purchased before you. It sounds like the premise of the next hit reality tv show - perhaps I should have a camera crew follow me around on this quest and become a star. Bring it on Snookie! In any case, we want something that is...

  • fuel efficient
  • big enough to carry our family
  • big enough to fit my giant husband
  • affordable
  • reliable
  • 2wheel drive
  • safe
  • keyless entry
  • the color blue (I have always liked the color blue)

After months of research and looking I think I have finally found the perfect car that meets every one of those needs.

Well... what do you think? I know, perhaps it is a bit out of our price range but maybe we could get one with an older cow. Oh, and think of how much we will save on our dairy bill each month.


Erin said...

Too funny. I would, however, recommend paying the $50 or whatever the cost is for the Consumer Reports used car buying guide. You can get a customized report of how much you should pay for the particular car you want and you can search across all their reviews, etc. You'll definitely make the money back in savings.