Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No more Potaboes!

This was a big week for Alena. First, she learned how to ride a pedal bike. At three years old, I think that is pretty awesome. 

However, what isn't so awesome is the fact that she no longer mispronounces the word "potato" as "potabo". When did that happen? It was one of those adorable quirks that made my heart burst every time she would say it. Now I can't even convince her to say it wrong, just for old times sake. 

 Luckily, she still can't pronounce her "sp" words and I secretly delight every time she says, "Mom, can I have the "pecial" bowl with my "pecial" pink "poon?"

  In these moments I vacillate back and forth between feeling twinges of sadness over stages left behind and feeling real joy seeing my children progress. I suppose this is the never-ending quandary of motherhood. 

 Alena with her "paghetti" and "lemonabe".